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SIM Connect Live will take place at the Sheraton Dallas in downtown Dallas, TX from Wednesday April 11 to Friday April 13. Formerly called SIMposium, the conference attracts IT leaders from around the globe. This isn’t your typical IT conference. Join us for a truly collaborative and interactive experience!

More learning, less lecturing

We’ve got great news: You won’t see many podiums at SIM Connect Live. During interactive roundtable sessions, facilitators — who are vetted IT and technology experts — will share their insights as they guide lively, back-and-forth discussions with attendees.

Day-long, challenge-centric tracks led by learning facilitators

Sessions are free and open to all attendees, enabling you to participate in a series of panels that dive deep into each topic. Popular tracks include: Embracing Disruption and Innovation; Security, Privacy and Risk Management; and Enhancing Enterprise Technologies. So, for example, if you want to introduce the Internet of Things to your organization, we’ve got an entire series of sessions devoted to this topic. And you’ll discuss your progress with industry colleagues who are embarking on a similar journey. Of course, you’re also free to move between tracks, to learn more about multiple topics affecting your business.

Content sourced
from you

SIM Connect Live senior leaders polled attendees across all national chapters to discover the pain points and challenges they most need solutions for, as well as what new IT opportunities and technology innovation on which to capitalize. Then, we custom-designed an up-to-the-minute education curriculum facilitated by some of the industry’s best talent that will benefit both C-suite and IT professionals in keeping their organizations competitive and successful.

More networking opportunities than ever

SIM Connect Live offers IT professionals a unique opportunity for community and connection. During our educational sessions, learning facilitators will lead interactive, solutions-centric tracks that will give you the opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues and make solid connections. We’re not scheduling speakers during lunch, so you can spend even more time networking.

Plus, don’t forget to check out our experiential Solutions Center where you can take part in bite-size learning opportunities curated to your professional needs. You can also recharge and connect with colleagues in our lounge.

Relevant information, no pitches

It’s far too common at IT conferences to attend a panel led by an event sponsor to discover it’s little more than a glorified pitch for a vendor product. We’ve made a big effort to ensure our sponsors deliver relevant, innovative, and educational content, without the sales pitch.

Making a difference

Giving back to the community is a core mission for the Society for Information Management (SIM). SIM Connect Live will not only host the STEM Outreach Awards, which recognizes SIM chapters that have launched innovative STEM initiatives, but we’ll also feature multiple sessions led by chapters that have cumulatively raised millions of dollars for their STEM outreach efforts.

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