SIM Connect Live will take place at the Sheraton Dallas in downtown Dallas, TX from Wednesday April 11 to Friday April 13. Formerly called SIMposium, the conference attracts IT leaders from around the globe. This isn’t your typical IT conference. Join us for a truly collaborative and interactive experience!

Here’s how SIM Connect Live differs from other IT events:

More facilitation, less lecturing

You won’t see many podiums at SIM Connect Live. During roundtable sessions, speakers will  set the agenda, but will focus on soliciting realtime feedback and discussion from attendees.

Daylong topic tracks

While sessions are open to all attendees, each room will follow a daylong topic track that will enable visitors to attend a series of panels that dive progressively deeper into that topic. For example, if you’re thinking about introducing internet of things technology to your organization, there will be an entire series of sessions on this very topic. You’ll have the chance to discuss your progress with colleagues embarking on a similar journey.

Solution centric vs content centric

Just as we don’t want our speakers lecturing attendees, we also don’t presume to know which topics those attendees will find most engaging. SIM Connect Live will poll attendees to discover which problems, pain points, and topics of innovation most interest them and design a curriculum around their interests.

More opportunities for networking

SIM Connect Live is designed around interactivity. Not only will sessions encourage collaboration, but we plan to offer up daily activities that will allow visitors to network with each other and make new connections.

Fewer sales pitches

So many conferences allow sponsors free reign with attendees. It’s not uncommon for an IT conference attendee to go to a panel and discover it’s little more than a glorified pitch for a vendor product. We are making a big effort to ensure that our sponsors deliver relevant, innovative, and educational content, all while leaving the sales pitch back in the office.

Making a difference

Giving back to the community is a core mission for the Society for Information Management (SIM). SIM Connect Live will not only host the STEM Outreach Awards, which recognizes SIM chapters that have launched innovative STEM initiatives, but we’ll also feature multiple sessions led by chapters that have cumulatively raised millions of dollars for their STEM outreach efforts.

A unique, collaborative IT conference

Come ready to roll up your sleeves, collaborate, and make career-changing connections with the top IT leaders in your field. No half-listening to lectures while scrolling through email on your laptop. SIM Connect Live is different.

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