What’s the SIM Connect Live National Committee?

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The National Committee helps guide programming for SIM Connect Live and is comprised of one representative per SIM chapter. Committee members participate in monthly status calls and help disseminate SIM Connect Live information to their local chapters.

A full list of SIM Connect Live National Committee members can be seen on this page.

The national committee is chaired by Deborah DeCorrevont, the SIM Connect Live director on the SIM Management Council. In this role, she facilitates monthly committee meetings, keeping the programming on track to make sure it aligns with the conference’s strategic direction. DeCorrevont is instrumental in liaising between staff, the committee and SIM’s broader membership.

“It is an honor to lead the SIM Connect Live National Committee for SIM Connect Live, an updated and interactive experience for our members,” DeCorrevont said. “I am deeply appreciative for the contributions of the national committee. They have equal input in all parts of the conference planning. Some of them are also members on the sponsorship committee and help SIM secure important strategic relationships with partners.”

DeCorrevont also noted the role of some chapters in the conference planning process. “Special callout to Arizona, Atlanta, Boston, Capital Area, Central Florida, Colorado, Dallas Ft. Worth, Eugene, Fairfield Westchester, Houston, Las Vegas, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Portland, South Florida, Toronto and Wisconsin chapters for their valuable input to SIM Connect Live!”

Steve Hufford, SIM’s chief executive, praised DeCorrevont and the committee for bringing SIM’s reimagined conference to life. “The SIM Connect Live National Committee, led by Deborah, is doing an phenomenal job of helping us create highly relevant, member-driven content to make SIM Connect Live an informative and engaging experience,” Hufford said. “We are working to make our conference a more networked event that capitalizes on SIM’s unique knowledge and resources. Deborah and the National Committee are key to making that happen.

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