Smart Cities Leadership Panel

As cities strive to deal with issues such as aging infrastructure, overpopulation, increasing traffic and lack of resources, solutions are needed to address these challenges and prepare for the future. An unintended consequence of Smart Cities is the necessary sharing of data, infrastructure and planning.  While this may seem like a natural occurrence between adjacent Communities, don’t underestimate the effect differing agency agendas have on progress. Exacerbating the issue is that this is an emerging area without any models of reference. All is not lost because first responders have the same issue of blurred boundaries and have found a solution. Can CxOs follow suite and create an effective governance model for the Smart Community?
Smart Cities Panelists:

Lester Lewis: Moderator

Clint Andrews: Panelist

Mike Maier: Panelist

Michael Sherwood: Panelist

Moderator: Lester Lewis, Deputy IT Director, City of Las Vegas

Lester Lewis has twenty plus years of IT experience. He has demonstrated technical and managerial acumen, operating in both the private and public sectors. His career portfolio includes experience in the energy, healthcare, and insurance fields.

Currently, Lester is the Deputy IT Director for the City of Las Vegas, Nevada. The City serves an estimated population of 2 million.  Clark County is comprised of eighteen departments with over 3,000 employees. Lester’s current projects with City include:  Office 365 deployment, GoVegas Wireless, Infrastructure modernization, cloud strategy, and security.

During his career, Lester has held positions on many boards, committees and task forces.  As a respected technology professional in Nevada, he has also been appointed to several governance positions.

Lester is a proud retired service member of the United States Army. While enlisted, he held the position of Telecommunications Systems Operator with his years of service spent in Europe. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland UC.

Lester is the proud father of three beautiful girls and enjoys running, recreational sports, and reading. He is an advocate for education and routinely presents interactive workshops to high school and middle school students in the Las Vegas area about the vast opportunities in STEM fields.

Clint Andrews, IT Director of Application Services at the City of Fort Collins

Clint Andrews is currently the IT Director of Application Services at the City of Fort Collins. Clint has been a technologist for over 10 years and has worked in private, public and the non-profit sectors. Clint brings a passion to IT, innovation, leadership, consulting, customer service and volunteerism. Clint has received multiple awards during his career, some of the awards include National Future LGBT Leader, World Class People, and ARMA Chapter Leader of the year. Clint volunteers his personal time for organizations such as the Colorado Blueflower Fund that is committed to helping elect women into political office, the City of Fort Collins LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee, Colorado Government Association of Information Technology and many others. Clint also enjoys writing about technology, Clint enjoyed being a tech and lifestyle blogger earlier in his career and still serves as a contributing tech content contributor and tech pundit.



Mike Maier,  Chief Technology Officer and Director of the IT Services, City of Fort Lauderdale

Mike Maier is the Chief Technology Officer and Director of the Information Technology Services Department for the City of Fort Lauderdale.  He manages Citywide technology including: GIS, Infrastructure & Operations, Applications and Helpdesk Support, IT Security, Radio Communications, Unified (Network/telephone) Communications, Police Information Technology, Publishing Services, and Mail Services.

Mike has played a pivotal role in shaping technology in the cities or companies he has served for over three decades. He has undertaken bold initiatives in bringing technology to the citizenry through focus group meetings and public/private partnership to help close the digital divide.

He is a member of the Executive Leadership Institute of Brevard County & International City/County Management Association and is an active Board Member for the Florida CIO Executive Summit. In 1989, Mike started a new era as a public servant working for the City of North Miami. During his tenure, his team was instrumental in developing a 911 computer aided dispatch system.

In 2003 Mike went on to work for the City of Las Cruces, where he led a team to evaluate and procure an enterprise resource package. In 2005, Mike began working for the City of Palm Bay, where he was responsible for all citywide technology.  He also possesses a wide range of knowledge in all areas of municipal operations. In June 2011, Mike took on the responsibilities of Public Works Director for Palm Bay, where he provided guidance for Stormwater, Traffic, Waste Management, Road Construction and Fleet, managing 150 employees.

In January 2012, Mike began working for the City of Fort Lauderdale as Chief Technology Officer. In addition, he leads the security initiatives as Chief Information Security Officer.  As a strong proponent of collaborative relationships with local governments and community organizations, Mike continues bringing community leaders and citizens together to address common needs that span jurisdictional boundaries and foster social inclusion. Mike developed Cyber Security training and led the efforts in having every City employee attend trainings conducted by his staff.  In addition, Mike completes leadership training seminars on overcoming dysfunctional teams.

Michael Sherwood, Director of Technology and Innovation, City of Las Vegas

Michael Sherwood is the Director of Technology and Innovation for the City of Las Vegas. Michael has more than 20 years of management experience, in the field of technology, process improvement and innovation with the majority of that experience being in municipal government operations. Most recently he served as the deputy director of public safety, business services and city technology for the city of Irvine, CA since December 2013. In that capacity he was responsible for budgets of both public safety at $70 million and technology at $8 million.

Prior to that position, Sherwood served as the manager of business services for the City of Irvine, CA from 2012-2013, the chief information officer for City of Oceanside, CA, from 2001-2012 and the information technologies manager for the City of Oceanside, CA from 1997-2000. Before 1997, he served in the private sector. Michael received his B.S. in Management from Pepperdine University followed by a M.S. in Executive Management from the University of Southern California.