5 Challenge-Centric Tracks To Address Your Most
Critical Business Challenges

We take input from you and your peers when we develop our program. These tracks are based on the professional areas that you told us are most critical in your work. Sessions in each track are led by expert facilitators who will guide discussion to help identify skills and tools to help you excel in your work. Attendees will find relevancy depending on where they are in their professional journeys, but sessions are open to all.  

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing. Our world is changing around us. This track will do a deep dive into disruptive trends and help you navigate which innovations are worth the investment. We will help you develop and supplement your knowledge so you gain a solid grasp on emerging technologies and a competitive advantage at work.

Not a week goes by when cybersecurity isn’t in the news — it’s a rapidly evolving area, making it almost impossible to keep up. We’ll focus on what you really need to know. Sessions will cover the latest threats along with cutting-edge approaches for privacy, security, and data protection.

SIM offers multiple channels to enrich your professional life — from our special interest groups like SIM Women and Cybersecurity — to STEM outreach opportunities, the Advanced Practices Council, Regional Leadership Forum, and much more. This track will help you navigate how you can get more involved and/or make use of these different resources.

It’s tough to maintain a competitive edge in an organization with a finite budget. Learn how leading companies are enhancing existing technologies to provide more robust enterprise systems for their customers. These sessions will explore new uses for blockchain beyond bitcoin, data analytics, GIS, and SMAC.

Tapping into the resources and network of SIM’s highly sought-after Regional Leadership Forum, this track is imperative for those seeking to expand on their leadership potential and skills. Sessions will explore the ethical, moral and social responsibility of an IT leader, as well as focus on critical thinking and emotional intelligence. This is the first-ever national reconnect for RLF graduates. If you’ve ever achieved RLF or sponsored one of your high-potentials, this is a great opportunity to meet your peers who have experienced this game-changing program.