Practitioner-Academic Workshop

Optimizing the Digital Workforce: Trends that Impact the Future of Digital Work

Join your colleagues to get ready for the future of work and help close the gaps in your future digital workforce needs. Who will you call when you need digital workers? What decisions are you making to prepare future digital workers? Come and dialogue! Come challenge us all! Be an active contributor to our community and to the discussion of the digital workforce.

The goals of this workshop are to:

  • Unite practitioners and researchers in leading the debate on the future of digital work.
  • Share cutting-edge research that impacts future digital practice, while gaining feedback from practitioners to guide new research directions and opportunities.
  • Provide opportunities to engage IT industry leaders and academic professionals in ongoing dialogue to bridge the future skills gap.
  • Generate practice-focused idea paper(s) that document workshop debates and directions in order to support organizational and academic action related to future of digital work.

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