Keynote: The Tech Megatrends

The Tech and Trends Reshaping Our Lives, Our Work – and Our World

April 12 @ 8:00 am9:15 am

Speaker: Christina “CK” Kerley

Humanity is experiencing record-setting levels of disruption at an unprecedented, unimaginable pace.

In just a handful of business quarters, our focus has shifted from smartphones to smart things, apps to algorithms, devices to data, screens to sensors… and the 2D Web to 3D Virtual Worlds.

Where mobile made our phones smart, IoT turns ALL things smart as the physical world becomes digital’s newest frontier.

The Next-Gen Web is breaking out of the box – outside of our screens – and into an exciting new ecosystem of connected objects, products, and places.

Intelligent automation is bringing sophisticated new capabilities-and a savvy new coworker.  Enter the CoBots: collaborative robots that take away some of our tasks, while giving us back more of our time.

While the 20th century belonged to computers, the 21st will belong to intelligent machines, as AIs predict our needs, protect our health, and propel our businesses.

Even the Web’s fundamental underpinning becomes disrupted-and distributed-through Blockchain Technologies as the world embarks upon a new era in digital security, cryptocurrencies, business models, and intense innovation.

Our planet is becoming datafied, our activities are getting digitized, our machines are being cognified, the next BIG things will be nano-sized, and more!

In this engaging, insightful session, speaker and futurist CK takes audiences on a tour of the tech trends reshaping every facet of our lives, work, and world.

Attendees Learn 5 Megatrends Spanning:

  1. The EXPECTATION Economy: Constant Connectivity Changes Humanity and The Economy
  2. From Smartphones to Smart EVERYTHING: The Physical World is Digital’s BIGGEST New Frontier
  3. The Next-Gen Web: The Web Gets Conversational, Visual, Contextual, Experiential-And Disrupted through Blockchain Tech
  4. Man-and-Machine Collaboration: Intelligent Automation Gives Rise to the CoBots
  5. Data & AI Win the 21st Century: Society Moves from the Info Age to the Intelligence Era

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