How to Protect Your Company’s Data Security from Cyber Attacks

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Make sure your company isn’t in the headlines for cybersecurity attacks — a growing concern about IT professionals. Cybersecurity and cyber risk are  rapidly evolving practices, making it a challenge for busy IT professionals to stay abreast of what’s currently happening as well as preparing for the future.

In the Security, Privacy and Risk Management Track at SIM Connect Live 2018, April 11-13 in Dallas, we’ll focus on  topics of paramount importance to you, including: a review of the latest threats your company may find itself facing, how to communicate cyber dangers and mitigation plans to your board and executives, as well as solutions for tracking/mitigating cyber risks.

A 2016 IEEE Rock Star of Risk, Microsoft Cybersecurity Field CTO Diana Kelley will present the session, “Justifying Cyber Risk Investments to the Board and C-Suite.” Kelley is a cyber security thought leader, practitioner, executive advisor, speaker, author and co-founder of SecurityCurve, and leverages her 25-plus years of cyber risk and security experience to provide advice and guidance to CSOs, CIOs and CISOs at some of the world’s largest companies.

Previously, she was the Global Executive Security Advisor at IBM Security and built and managed the IBM Security Research Community Newsroom.She co-authored the book Cryptographic Libraries for Developers.

Gerry Czarnecki, an experienced corporate Board director, head of the Deltennium Group and former senior vice president of human resources and administration at IBM, will present, “Cybersecurity From the Board Perspective.” He has an interesting and timely perspective on how a corporate board views risk management and cyber risk. Czarnecki will give you perspective from the top, from someone who has been on the receiving end of presentations that you often provide to your Board.

See more information and learn when sessions are added on the track page.

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