Resiliency Expert and Former Olympic Athlete Vince Poscente to Deliver Closing Keynote at SIM Connect Live 2018

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Resiliency expert and New York Times best-selling author Vince Poscente helps organizations of all sizes — including FedEx, IBM, HP, Cisco, Hyatt Hotels, American Airlines and Merrill Lynch — achieve success by learning how to handle setbacks and overcome obstacles in a “more, faster now world,” and then bounce back stronger than before.

SIM is pleased to announce Poscente will deliver the closing keynote at the all-new SIM Connect Live, April 11-13 in Dallas.

Poscente knows first-hand the power that attitude, determination and innovation play in  future success —especially when life doesn’t go as planned.

A recreational skier when he was younger, Poscente rapidly rose to the ranks of an Olympic skier in four short years. He became a five-time Canadian record holder, ranked 10th in the world. In the Speed Skiing gold medal round of the Olympic Winter Games in Albertville, France, he placed 15th, skiing at a national record of 135 mph.

When Poscente didn’t bring home the gold like he had wanted, he changed course rather than adopt a defeatist attitude: He became an award-winning sales and marketing executive with the world’s largest real-estate investment service. Armed with his sales and executive leadership experience, he then started speaking, consulting and writing.

In this powerful session, Poscente, author of  seven books, including The Age of Speed, will share his story and offer actionable strategies and solutions that will radically change how teams handle problems, crises, competition and change.

As Poscente focuses on some common business woes—the economy, competition, negative attitudes and lower productivity — he’ll explore what resiliency is and the absolute importance it plays in personal and professional success. He’ll break down the winning skills executives and their  teams need to overcome inevitable growth obstacles.

Poscente, who has lead and participated in six Himalayan expeditions, is a top expert in helping teams work together even more cohesively to produce and sell more, in addition to moving past roadblocks  into a mental space that creates the kind of success managers want for their teams and companies.

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