Here are 7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss SIM Connect Live 2018 in Dallas

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Power up with SIM Connect Live’s opening Keynote: Dynamic futurist and professor Christina “CK” Kerley will discuss tech megatrends. The future is here, and we’re increasingly faced with new challenges and opportunities. Now is the time to get ahead of the trends and hear some different perspectives on the future. Your CEO and your Board will thank you!

More learning, less lecturing: We’ve retooled this conference to optimize your learning! During interactive roundtable sessions, you’ll collaborate with experts who’ll provide solutions and ideas to heal your IT pain points and take you to a new level of what-ifs. You’ll have more opportunity to guide the discussion, and you’ll learn directly from many of your peers.

Content sourced from you: We custom-designed day-long, challenge-centric tracks led by expert learning facilitators. These tracks were developed by a panel of members from across SIM Chapters. Members have a voice in everything we do, including developing a great program for SIM Connect Live that’s compelling, timely, and relevant.

Next-level leadership skills: Build critical blocks to crystallize your career path in the RLF Advancing Leadership track, including creating a compelling workplace culture, honing your leadership skills and spotting future talent. This is the first time that we’re offering a large-scale RLF reconnect experience. This is a must-do meeting in 2018 for people focused on being better, more effective leaders.

Keep your organization super-competitive: Learn how leading firms enhance existing tech to provide more robust enterprise systems for clients, including new uses for blockchain beyond bitcoin, and data analytics. Hear from thought leaders like Adam Carnow and Microsoft CTO Diana Kelley. For years, we’ve been working to convince the officer team that IT can bring leading-edge innovation, efficiency and profit to our organizations. Now, the challenge is to deliver on that promise with great ideas that are executable.

Get recognized for giving back: SIM Connect Live will host the STEM Outreach Awards, which recognizes SIM chapters that have launched innovative STEM initiatives — a key part of what makes SIM valuable to members. Join your peers in recognizing the efforts of Chapters, and learn about what other Chapters are doing for their communities.

Close out with unbeatable inspiration: After a packed and stimulating few days, we’ll end off with a strong dose of motivation. Resiliency expert and former Olympic athlete Vince Poscente, our closing keynote speaker, will reveal the winning skills executives and their teams need to overcome inevitable growth obstacles in this “more, faster, now” world.

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