Special Message From SIM Closing Keynoter Vince Poscente

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Resiliency expert and New York Times best-selling author Vince Poscente helps organizations of all sizes — including FedEx, IBM, HP, Cisco, Hyatt Hotels, American Airlines and Merrill Lynch — achieve success by learning how to handle setbacks and overcome obstacles in a “more, faster now world,” and then bounce back stronger than before.

Poscente will deliver the closing keynote at the all-new SIM Connect Live, April 11-13 in Dallas.

“As an IT leader, what’s becoming very obvious is that you’re now a primary business driver,” Poscente says in a video message to conference attendees. “We’re headed somewhere uncertain, as technology is coming at a furious pace.”

A recreational skier when he was younger, Poscente rapidly rose to the ranks of an Olympic skier in four short years. In this video, Poscente reveals a life lesson he learned while training in a gym at the Olympic games with 22 of the world’s best athletes.

“We were supposed to walk on this length of rope, and none of us could do it without stumbling,” says Poscente, who explains that their perspective was altered
when the coach told the athletes to take their eyes off the rope and focus their eyes on a point on the opposite wall.

“Within 10 minutes, we were walking that length of rope,” Poscente says. “There was no change in skill, but a change in focus.”

His message to IT leaders: Prepare for the future by focusing on where you’re headed. “Don’t take your eyes off that point on the wall,” he says.