‘Digital Transformation is Not About Technology’

SIM StaffLatest News 2019

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“If we think about the technology itself, we’re going to lose focus of the real possibilities,” says Jeanne Ross, Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Information Systems Research. Jeanne was recently added to the SIM Connect Live agenda and will deliver a keynote speech on Thursday, May 16.

Terry Brock, the content weaver/emcee for SIM Connect Live, spoke with Jeanne about some of the topics she’ll cover in that session.

Jeanne’s research has led her to a deep understanding of the management and personnel issues that accompany digital transformation.

“The way we manage is fundamentally shifting,” she says. One reason is because advancing technology demands less structure — it’s always evolving. “The things we’re trying to accomplish are less clear, and the onus is on organizations to figure out what customers want you to solve.”

Additionally, things are moving at a faster pace. “We don’t want to get into a situation where we keep stabilizing things that need to change really fast, we will find ourselves unable to adapt,” she notes.  

Watch the video to learn which companies are making real progress and how they’re doing it.