Adding Value through Research: Solving Problems and Answering Questions

SIM StaffAcademic 2019, Breakout Session 2019

Relevance and impact of business school research is disappointing. Less than half of academic articles published are ever cited and less than 5% of business research is funded by corporations. Professors get release time from teaching to conduct research which is unfortunately too often funded by taxpayers, tuition, and university endowments. In this provocative session, Wetherbe will discuss how to connect research to business, the field of information systems and improve the economics and value of business school research.

Dr. Jim Wetherbe, Richard Schulze Distinguished Professor, Texas Tech University

Jim has over 40 years experience in industry and higher education including professorial and administrative positions in higher education including the Universities of Minnesota, Memphis, Houston, and Texas Tech; and management positions with computing, energy, and consulting companies. Rated as one of the top 12 consultants and lecturers on MIS by Information Week, also ranked as one of the 20 most influential scholars in MIS. Co-recipient of the first MIS Quarterly Distinguished Scholar Award, author or co-author of 36 books and widely published in top journals with over 15,000 citations. Brought in over $15 million in funded research during academic career. Served on the Board of several major corporations including Best Buy and CIBER.

Session Chair:  Ephraim McLean, Georgia State University