Dare to Dream: Future of the Digital Enterprise

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 Technology today is nearly ubiquitous and still rapidly advancing, and the possibilities with technology for not only our businesses, but for social good, are endless. However, organizations today are not able to harness the power of technology because they cannot break away from habitual and legacy processes.

The biggest challenge to the “art of the possible” is the limitation we place on our own mind. Incremental change is the enemy of true innovation, and businesses must be willing to dare to dream in order to transform themselves into a truly digital enterprise. In this session, learn the three tenets of innovation in the Digital Age and how to apply them.

Kevin Parikh, Global CEO & Senior Partner, Avasant

Parikh began his career as a lawyer working in Washington, D.C. with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, where he received a Presidential Invitation to support the One America Commission by Bill Clinton. At the birth of Y2K, he moved to Gartner Consulting to lead the company’s Global Strategic Sourcing Practice. In 2006, Parikh founded Avasant, which has since become one of the leading Business Transformation, Technology Strategy and Sourcing Advisory firms in the industry.

Parikh now serves as the Global CEO and Senior Partner of Avasant, as well as the Chairman of the Avasant Foundation, focusing on youth jobs and training for the digital economy. Parikh is widely acknowledged as a global thought leader, futurist, and expert on digital business strategies, technological solutions, and business transformation. He has published numerous white papers and articles, and he has authored a book on global digital enterprise transformation, New Horizons of Business Process Outsourcing in Africa, Latin America & Caribbean. He advises both private-and public sector clients on technological strategy, transformation, and leadership, and has written Digital Singularity to further help professionals and businesses adapt to an everchanging digital marketplace. Parikh is a proud husband, father, and son, and has been well recognized for his leadership in numerous publications.

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