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Jeffrey Ritter, Author, Speaker, formerly External Lecturer, Dept. of Computer Science, Univ. of Oxford

I believe in peace. To begin in peace is easy; to sustain peace is incredibly difficult.

The digital, wired world offers enormous, nearly unlimited, potential for improving and sustaining peace among humankind.

But what we are doing now—managing risks with greater security to offset vulnerabilities in our existing systems—is broken as a strategy for business and for governance. We must imagine and achieve something new!

Human history documents a fascinating truth: we rarely begin or fight wars against those with whom we do business. Nearly 30 years ago, I began work on enabling peace by enabling commerce—electronic commerce!

Today, privacy, information security, cyber defenses—all revolve around the same target: achieving trust to sustain electronic commerce and create new wealth. Digital trust is not only required; achieving digital trust will prove to be the competitive differential for the winners of the next generation.

My mission is to work passionately to imagine, create, and deliver tools that enable us to achieve real trust across the vastness of the Internet and global commerce.

Through my public speaking, webcasts, workshops, teaching, writing, and new research, I strive to empower you—as an individual, as a professional, as part of team, and as a member of many digital ecosystems—to craft the next generation of solutions that will generate and sustain digital trust.

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