General Session Keynote

Thur., 4/12/2018 8:00 – 9:15 am, Dallas Ballroom

The Tech Megatrends
The Tech and Trends Reshaping Our Lives, Our Work – and Our World

Humanity is experiencing record-setting levels of disruption at an unprecedented, unimaginable pace. Our focus has shifted from smartphones to smart things, apps to algorithms, devices to data, screens to sensors… and the 2D Web to 3D Virtual Worlds. Kerley gives context to how IoT turns has turned all things smart as the physical world becomes digital’s newest frontier.The Next-Gen Web is breaking out of the box – outside of our screens – and into an exciting new ecosystem of connected objects, products, and places. Read Full Abstract

Christina “CK” Kerley, speaker, futurist, and professor

Powerhouse speaker, futurist, and professor Christina “CK” Kerley pushes Fortune 500s AHEAD of the curve through the 10+ tech that will dominate the next 10 years. A forerunner across 20 years of digital revolutions, CK’s electrifying performances have been featured at: Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Prudential, The United Nations, Best Buy, The Ad Council, Neutrogena, Verisign, Janssen, The ANA, The IAB, and IDG. Read Full Bio

General Session Keynote, Sponsored by TenFour

Thur., 4/12/2018 1:00 – 2:00 pm, Dallas Ballroom

How to Win the Digital Race with Consumption Economics

New technologies in the Digital Age are transforming your customers’ experiences. But what about your organization? Is the way it’s consuming technology transforming your business or holding it back? The Cloud only gets you so far. The winners in the Digital Age are the companies who have changed their point of view and transformed from the ground up. Learn what you can do in the next six months to change the course of your organization to make sure you’re not only
in the race, but leading it.

Bruce Flitcroft, CEO, TenFour

Bruce Flitcroft is the CEO and founder of TenFour, the industry leading IT infrastructure utility. In a time where business leaders are facing increased demands around Digital Age IT, security and agile business – all while budgets remain unchanged – TenFour has reinvented the way mid=to large-sized enterprises can leverage their IT Infrastructure to drive business growth.

Bruce is a technology enthusiast, a collector of cars and a keeper of bees. But most of all, he’s a problem solver. In the nearly two decades since he founded TenFour, combined with the ten years prior he spent running AlphaNet, Bruce’s mission has been to evolve IT to meet the needs of CIOs. He knows that simply being good isn’t good enough. You must dare to be different; dare to be better. At TenFour, Bruce’s team is transforming the industry with an innovative business model that delivers highly reliable yet agile solutions for some of the most well-known brands in the world.

General Session Keynote

Thur., 4/12/2018 4:00 – 5:00 pm, Dallas Ballroom

The Technium

What comes after the Internet? What is bigger than the web? What will produce more wealth than all the startups to date? The answer is a planetary super-organism comprised of 4 billion mobile phones, 80 quintillion transistor chips, a million miles of fiber optic cables, and 6 billion human minds all wired together. Kelly, a founder of Wired magazine, takes the idea of a global super-organism seriously, what he calls “The Technium,” by describing what we know about it so far, how it is growing, where its boundaries are, and what it will mean for us as individuals and collectively.

Kevin Kelly, best-selling author and founder of Wired Magazine

Kelly has been a participant of, and reporter on, the information technology revolution for more than 30 years, focusing on the ripple effects and social consequences surrounding the culture of technology. His New York Times best-selling book titled The Inevitable (Viking, June 2016) chronicles how our lives in the near future will be shaped by a few long-term technological trends that are inevitable. Read Full Bio

General Session Keynote

Fri., 4/13/2018 8:00 – 9:00 am

Transformative Leadership in Exponential Times

Technology is rapidly changing our world, which is requiring a new kind of leadership. By 2022, the world is expected to have more than 50 billion network devices — for 8 billion people. Data is growing exponentially. By 2022, estimates suggest the amount of data will be equal to more than double the total number of conversations the human species has ever had. With these rapid changes, so too is the nature of leadership changing. How can a modern leader thrive and anticipate the second- and third-order effects of the technologies we employ? This session will explore how to lead courageously in our period of rapid change.

David A. Bray, Executive Director, People-Centered Internet and Marshall Memorial Fellow for 2017-2018

David Bray previously served as IT Chief, Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program at the CDC; Executive Director, National Commission for Review of Research and Development Programs of the U.S. IC; CIO, FCC.

Dr. David A. Bray was named one of the top “24 Americans Who Are Changing the World” under 40 by Business Insider in 2016. He was also named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum for 2016-2021. He also accepted a role of Co-Chair for an IEEE Committee focused on Artificial Intelligence, automated systems, and innovative policies globally for 2016-2017 and has been serving as a Visiting Executive In-Residence at Harvard University since 2015. He has been named a Marshall Memorial Fellow for 2017-2018 and will travel to Europe to discuss Trans-Atlantic issues of common concern including exponential technologies and the global future ahead. He also has been speaking at Singularity University events on the impact of AI and other disruptive technologies on society, civic innovation, and public-private partnerships. Read Full Bio

General Session: RLF Advancing Leadership

Fri., 4/12/2018 8:30 – 9:15 am, Houston Ballroom

Dr. Lisa Strohman

Dr. Lisa Strohman is the founder and director of the Technology Wellness Center, one of the first organizations to address the global issue of technology addiction and overuse. As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Strohman has spent more than a decade working with individual, family and adolescent clients struggling with issues including depression, anxiety and addiction.

Recognizing the growing challenges parents now face with their children, and the increasingly serious issues her young patients are dealing with due to our growing dependency on technology, inspired Dr. Strohman to launched the Technology Wellness Center, which she co-founded with Dr. Melissa Westendorf JD, PhD in 2014.

In early 2015, Dr. Strohman established Digital Citizen Academy, which provides education, prevention and diversion program to schools, school districts and organizations. The programs are trackable and measurable for students, educators and parents, and specifically address core issues related to technology overuse and addiction. Read full bio

General Session: RLF Advancing Leadership

Fri., 4/12/2018 9:30 – 10:30 am, Houston BC

Leadership Structures for this New, Agile World and Trends in Technology

We are living in a world of accelerating change, far more ambiguity, competition coming from unexpected places and margin erosion. Karl will discuss two topics to help guide you in this new way of working. First, he will cover leadership structures for this new agile world and then he will explore two trends in technology that are setting up to be game changes in this next decade of the digital age.

Karl Gouverneur, VP Digital Workplace and Corporate Solutions Northwestern Mutual

Karl Gouverneur is the head of an award-winning digital innovation program for Northwestern Mutual, leading a team focused on NM’s digital workplace and corporate systems; including finance, human resources, investments, compliance and others. Gouverneur focuses on providing a digital core to enable efficiency and flexibility that enriches the experience of the company’s employees. He partners with business areas across the enterprise to integrate technology with the company’s business strategies and objectives. Prior to joining Northwestern Mutual, Gouverneur was VP and CTO at Safeco Insurance, where he built an IT architecture practice and identified over $110 million in business value. Priot to that, he was the chief architect at CNA Financial, where he focused on business alignment, IT strategy and IT standards, and strategic and innovative IT solutions including a claims transformation program, service-oriented architecture, voice over IP, strategic sourcing and enterprise content management. Gouverneur is a graduate of the University of Florida, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration –computer science. He is currently a member of the CIO Research Board and the ALPFA National Corporate Advisory Board. Gouverneur also serves on Marquette University’s Global Sourcing Advisory Board, is an activemember of the Discovery World Board, and is an advisor to the Northwestern Mutual Hispanic Employee Resource Group.

General Session: RLF Advancing Leadership

Fri., 4/13/2018 1:00 – 1:45 pm, Houston Ballroom

Kupe Kupersmith
Applying Improvisation to Your Team

The secret skill you have been waiting for

To accomplish anything, you need the help of others and others need your help. Successful teams have members that are continually improving how they interact and communicate with each other. Collaboration, creativity, and results grow out of an environment that is positive and affirming.

Why is this so important? The speed of business today requires teams to decide fast, learn fast and gain buy-in from all stakeholders involved. In Daniel Pink’s book, To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, he highlights improv skills as a necessary competency for everyone. This quote sums it up. “In improv, you never try to get someone to do something. That’s coercion, not creativity,” Salit says. Read Full Abstract

Kupe Kupersmith, Improv comedian, Entrepreneur, Master Connector

From Accountant, to Improv Comedian, to Business Analyst, and back to Improv Comedian, Kupe’s ambition is to make everyone more awesome. For the past 20 years Kupe has been helping organizations achieve business value with an improvisational advantage. Kupe is an author, keynote speaker, coach and a trained improv actor. Some think Broccoli & Cheetos is an odd combination, but you will be delighted with Kupe’s combination of laughter and learning. Kupe is a connector and has a goal in life to meet everyone!

Closing Keynote: To Thrive in a More, Faster, Now World

Fri., 4/13/2018 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Vince Poscente

Vince Poscente, one of the most in-demand speakers today, is an expert on Resiliency—the ability to overcome challenges and bounce back even stronger than ever before.  His client list includes top organizations with one thing in common: they understand that success is not just about reaching your goals and getting what you want.   There also has to be an intent to handle set-backs and overcome obstacles and end of smarter, stronger and more focused than ever before, Vince knows first-hand the power that attitude, determination and innovation play in your future success–especially when life doesn’t go as planned.

A recreational skier, Vince rose to the ranks of an Olympic skier in just four short years. Next goal.  Win the gold.  But it didn’t happen.  Things got in the way. But not in the way of him becoming successful.  He just had to bounce back and find another path.  Another solution. Another way to achieve his goals and GRAB THE GOLD another way.  Landing him a spot as a Times Best Selling author.  Hall of Fame Speaker.  Award winning business owner. And, most recently, Himalayan adventurer. Read full bio

Master of Ceremonies: Sarah Michel

VP of Professional Connexity for Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

Sarah is an Experience Architect who has been working in the meetings industry for over 15 years to create dynamic audience experiences. Her vast knowledge of next-generation learning and facilitation skills help design dynamic meetings that guarantee more participation, opportunities for networking and peer-to-peer interactions to assure a return on attendance. Read full Bio

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