4 Challenge-Centric Tracks To Address Your Most
Critical Business Challenges

We take input from you and your peers when we develop our program. These tracks are based on the professional areas that you told us are most critical in your work. Sessions in each track are led by expert facilitators who will guide discussion to help identify skills and tools to help you excel in your work. Attendees will find relevancy depending on where they are in their professional journeys, but sessions are open to all.  

Your cheese is moving, and it’s focused on digital geography, AR, AI, digital transformations and a host of things you may not have been able to address or think about yet. This track will explore current and future disruptions – greater than we’ve ever seen. Plus, we’ll work to put a timeline on when your enterprise will be impacted.

Can I trust my computer to do the right thing? Why is it so hard to turn off my phone? What happens when the company self-driving car misbehaves? This track will focus on business, personal and technology ethics and its impact on how our companies and our customers trust the technology that we use.

We are well into the 21st century, but how updated is our leadership thinking? The workforce is transforming, the way we work is changing, and the people that we lead think differently than only a few years ago. This pace of change will continue to accelerate. This track will transform your current leadership thinking and prepare you to lead your teams through the disruptive future.

The SIM Academic Track will cover new research to inform how IT managers and leaders can get the best results from their organizations. Convened by SIM’s unique academic-practitioner partnership — one of the only forums bringing industry veterans together with leading IT academicians — this track offers an intimate, high-level opportunity for learning, collaboration, and discussion.