Practitioner-Academic Workshop

Optimizing the Digital Workforce: Trends that Impact the Future of Digital Work

Join your colleagues to get ready for the future of work and help close the gaps in your future digital workforce needs. Who will you call when you need digital workers? What decisions are you making to prepare future digital workers? Come and dialogue! Come challenge us all! Be an active contributor to our community and to the discussion of the digital workforce.

The goals of this workshop are to:

  • Unite practitioners and researchers in leading the debate on the future of digital work.
  • Share cutting-edge research that impacts future digital practice, while gaining feedback from practitioners to guide new research directions and opportunities.
  • Provide opportunities to engage IT industry leaders and academic professionals in ongoing dialogue to bridge the future skills gap.
  • Generate practice-focused idea paper(s) that document workshop debates and directions in order to support organizational and academic action related to future of digital work.

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Digital Leadership 1

Thursday 9:45 – 10:45 am Remington

How AUDI AG is Driving Toward the Sharing Economy

Author/s: Martin Mocker (MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research & Reutlingen U.) & Nils Fonstad (MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research)

Discussant: Shane Kilgore, SIM Chapter Leader, Alabama Chapter

How Newly Appointed CIOs Take Charge

Author/s: Tony Gerth (Indiana U.) and Joe Peppard (European School of Management and Technology)

Discussant: James Gaulke, SIM Chapter Leader, Colorado Chapter

Four Steps to Realizing Business Value from Digital Data Streams

Author/s: Abhijith Anand (University of Technology Sydney), Rajeev Sharma (U. of Technology Sydney) & Tim Coltman (U. of Wollongong)

Discussant: Gene Barskiy, SIM Chapter Leader, New Jersey Chapter

Session Chair: Dorothy Leidner, Baylor University

Digital Leadership 2

Thursday 11:00 am -12:00 pm Remington

Role of Information Systems in Empowering Innovation Networks

Author/s: Sven Rehm (WHU Otto Besheim School of Management), Lakshmi Goel (U. of North Florida) and Iris Junglas (Florida State U.)
Discussant: Dennis Ravenelle, SIM Chapter Leader, Boston Chapter

Using Text Analytics to Derive Customer Service Management Benefits from Unstructured Data

Author/s: O.Müller (IT University of Copenhagen), Iris Junglas (Florida State U.), S. Debortoli (U. of Liechtenstein) & Jan vom Brocke (U. of Liechtenstein)

Discussant: Brad Philips, SIM Chapter Leader, San Diego Chapter

Enhancing Customer Service through the Internet of Things and Digital Data Streams

Author/s: Joaquin Rodriguez (Louisiana State U.), Biagio Palese (Louisiana State U.) & Blake Ives (U. of Houston)

Discussant: Stephen Heilenman, SIM Chapter Leader, Philadelphia Chapter

Session Chair: Ulrike Schultze, Southern Methodist University

Digital Leadership 3

Thursday 2:45 – 3:45 pm Remington

MSIS Model Curriculum

Author/s: Heikki Topi (Bentley U.), Helena Karsten (Åbo Akademi U.), Sue A. Brown (U. of Arizona), João Alvaro Carvalho (U. de Minho), Brian Donnellan (Maynooth U.), Jun Shen (U. of Wollongong), Bernard C.Y. Tan (National U. of Singapore), and Mark F. Thouin (U. of Texas at Dallas)

Discussant: SIM Chapter Leaders

Ethical Issues in the Big Data Industry

Author/s: Kirsten Martin (George Washington U.)

Discussant: Joseph Malfesi, SIM Chapter Leader, Capitol Area Chapter

Three Types of Chief Digital Officers and the Reasons to Adopt the Role

Author/s: Samba Tumbas (U. of Liechtenstein), Nicholas Berente (U. of Georgia) & Jan vom Brocke (U. of Liechtenstein)

Discussant: William Waas, SIM Chapter Leader, Chicago Chapter

Session Chair: Rashmi Jain, Montclair State University

Digital Workforce 1

Friday 9:30 – 10:30 am Pearl 4

IT Crowdsourcing as a means of increasing the participation of underrepresented groups in the digital workforce

Author/s: Joseph Taylor (California State U. Sacramento) and KD Joshi (Washington State U.)

Discussant: Andrew Jackson, SIM Chapter Leader, Dallas Chapter

Neurodiversity in the High-Tech Workforce

Author/s: Eleanor T. Loiacono (Worcester Polytechnic Inst.)

Discussant: Discussant:  Joseph Puglisi, SIM Chapter Leader, Fairfield/Westchester Chapter

Changing the Rules of the Game: Identifying Talent for the Digital Workforce

Author/s: Stacie Petter (Baylor U.), Connie Barber (Southern Illinois U. Edwardsville), Diane Barber, and Robin Berkley (Southern Illinois U. Edwardsville)

Discussant: Dan Gorecki, SIM Chapter Leader, New York Chapter

Session Chair: Michelle Kaarst-Brown (Syracuse U.)

Digital Workforce 2

Friday 10:45 -11:45 pm Pearl 4

Managing Remote Working Employees: Introducing the Agile Performance Framework

Author/s: Andreas Eckhardt (German Graduate School of Management), Paul Somers (Google, Inc.), Anthony Giordano (Monad), and Florian Endter (Enmacc GmbH)

Discussant: Barbie Barta, SIM Chapter Leader, Dallas Chapter

Strategic Careers in information Systems: A Multi-Phase Study

Author/s: Cindy Riemenschneider (Baylor U.) & Deb Armstrong (Florida State U.)

Discussant: Janis O’Brien, SIM Chapter Leader, Dallas Chapter

Resolving the IS Skills Paradox: A Content Analysis of a Jobs Database

Author/s: Mary Sumner (Southern Illinois U. Edwardsville) and Fred Niederman (Saint Louis U.)

Discussant: David Harrow, SIM Chapter Leader, St. Louis Chapter

The Strategic Contribution of Business Analysis to Digital Transformation: A Talent Management Approach

Author/s: Jean-Gregoire Bernard, Yi-Te Chiu, Victoria University of
Wellington, NZ

Discussant: Jennie Zamberlan, SIM Chapter Leader, Northeast Ohio

Session Chair: Ephraim McLean, Georgia State University

Digital Workforce 3

Friday 12:45 -1:45 pm Pearl 4

IS Leadership and Strategy Realization

Author/s: Mike Eom (U. of Portland), Surinder Kahai (SUNYBinghamton), Rui Huang (U. of Massachusetts)

Discussant: Pradeep Kumar, SIM Chapter Leader, Portland Chapter

The Impact of Less Traditional Employee Benefits on Turnover Intention of State Information Systems Employees

Author/s: Ibtissam Zaza (Florida State U.), De borah Armstrong (FloridaState U.), Cynthia Riemenschneider (Baylor U.)

Discussant: David Brunick, SIM Chapter Leader, Central Florida Chapter

Diversifying the digital workforce: How SAP hired more female professionals

Author/s: Caroline Oehlhorn (Bamberg U.), Sven Lauer (U. of Erlangen-Nuremberg), Christian Maier (Bamberg U.), and Tim Weitzel (Bamberg U.)

Discussant: Dan Gorecki, SIM Chapter Leader, New York Chapter

Session Chair: Jeria Quesenberry, Carnegie Mellon University